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I think I may start posting lists. Not of anything in particular but I think my first list will be one of music. That sounds pretty great. 

Music I Wish I Could Post in One Day But Alas I Cannot

1. Say La La- Keegan Dewitt                                                                  (Bloody brilliant and quite the picker-upper)

2. The Echoes of Time- The Smiles and Frowns                                              (It so pretty and true and wonderful and I love it.)

3. #88- Matthew Hemerlein                                                                          (I heard this on Big Ugly Yellow Couch and have loved it since. It is so simple and beautiful and long , so be prepared.)

4. Fuel Up- Stronoway                                                                                (I really wanted this to be my high school’s graduation song but it was not. It is really good though.)

5. Orange Shirt- Discovery                                                                          (I am enjoying Discovery more and more every day. I didn’t realize I had them on my computer. This happens way too often.)

6. S is for Subway – When I was 12                                                          (This is super cute. I wish this would happen to me fo’ real.)

7. Same Song Sing  Along – Her Space Holiday                                               (An anthem for all of those who enjoy being different? I think so.)

8. Float On (Modest Mouse Cover) – Blackbird Blackbird                                    (I wish it were so much longer though. It is to wonderful to just end.)

9. Material Things – Jake Troth                                                                     (I think this may be my new song of summer. It is so fun.)

10. Arrest Yourself – Dozens                                                                     (This song makes me think of winter. I heard it in one of Dannerzz videos and had to have it. It is wonderful.)

I hope this was enjoyable and not just a waste of time. If you have any suggestions make ‘em. I love new music all day everyday. 

Oh! And here’s a picture I hope makes it all worth it. 

It’s Chagall.

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